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EFTlab's BP-Node Payment Gateway/ Switch product got officially validated and listed as PA-DSS (PA-DSS v3.1) compliant by the PCI Security Council on 3rd June 2016.

Certification applies for BP-Node:

Version #: 2.2
App Type: Payment Gateway/ Switch
Target Market: Payment processing service providers
Reference #: 16-03.01055.001
Tested Platforms/Operating Systems: Ubuntu
Service Pack/Build/Version: 14.04LTS

BP-Node got audited by PA-QSA: CQR Consulting Australia PTY as Acceptable for New Deployments.

More information on PCI Security Council's website.

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Our set of products (BP-Sim, BP-Tools) is supporting more and more OS platforms. Currently supported operating systems are MS Windows, Debian Jessie, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, MAC OS X (El Capitan) and newly adding also the RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.

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These days we are all looking for faster routes to market for our software solutions but the overriding factor for those of us working in payment systems is risk management and ensuring business continuity. Whether you need to add additional channels to your existing business to become an omni-channel retailer or add support for additional payment functionality such as Host Card Emulation as an issuer it’s vital that your core business continues to perform well. There are many approaches to managing the change that you want to implement but we’ll specifically address the main three in this article:

  • Upgrading all systems in the chain to support the new functionality.
  • Trying to augment specific parts of the infrastructure one by one.
  • Routing traffic to new systems to support the change.

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BP-Node is a Tier 1 banking switch capable of sustained processing of over 2000TPS. BP-Node has been designed and written in a state-less, message-driven architecture. At the core of the BP-Node architecture is Message Bus. Message Bus acts as a kind of network hub for messages to and from all BP-Node components. Each BP-Node configured component has its own subscribers to MessageBus who search for a particular message type.

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Secure memory in payment systems is one of the most important PA:DSS and PCI:DSS topics. While any device involved in payment transaction processing needs to consider memory use, back-end processing and authorisation systems also play a critical role in this story.

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EMV Issuer scripts allow the Issuer to update and change parameters and values on the card chip whilst it is live in the field. This means that the EMV application can be updated to change parameters that can improve the risk functions of the application on the chip and reduce and prevent fraudulent activity as this changes during the life of the card.

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Zabbix is the ultimate enterprise-level software designed for real-time monitoring of millions of metrics collected from tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices. Zabbix is Open Source and comes at no cost.

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BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development.

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The Babylon Payments Simulator (BP-Sim) is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services.

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The Babylon Payments Processing Suite(BP-Processing) is a suite of EFTlab's products for realtime payment transaction processing and authorisation.

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